How to Design the Most Effective Banner Stands

Banners are one of the most widely used and convenient ways of advertisement. Furthermore, they are quite an inexpensive mode to advertise your products and services. Banners are usually displayed on stands and it is extremely important to show them in right way to fulfil their purpose. Therefore, the design of the banner stand is crucial for the marketing of products and services.

Stands are mostly used in trade shows where the companies display their banners containing the information regarding their product line and packages. In addition, the stands can also be used to advertise different things outside the shops in the malls and many other places.

The banner stand should be designed in a manner that it fulfils the requirement of the advertiser and make the best impressive on the minds of the people who pass by it. It is not difficult to design an effective banner stand. You just have to keep few things in your mind which have been discussed in the given steps.


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    You have to design a stand in such a way that it portrays the crux of banner and can draw the attention of the visitor right when he crosses by it. Set the width and length in a manner that the basic message of the banner can be read easily even from a little bit distance.

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    It is extremely important for you to design the stand in a manner that it doesn’t fade the images, text and other graphics of the banner. Keep in mind that you don’t have to flood your banner with unnecessary information because it will be hard for the visitor to note everything on it as he will not be able to give it his due attention.

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    There is always a phrase, word or sentence which is crucial to be addressed in a banner. You have to find that and design your stand so that it may display the core message of the advertisement in a profound manner.

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    You should add different colours to your banner in order to make it attractive for the audience. But, use the colours prudently to create an everlasting impression on the minds of the audience. If you will not use the colours wisely, you will not be able to get the required results for your advertisement campaign.

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