How to Detect Spyware on your Computer

Spyware is a type of malware that gathers information about a person without his or her permission and then sends it to another person.

There are many types of spyware present in the online world; system monitors, Trojans, adware, and cookies that piggyback to name a few. Most of these spywares are installed on the computers without the users’ consent, and they serve the purpose of spying or collecting information.

Some types of spyware may be installed intentionally by people to collect information about others without their consent, for example a key logger. They have been known to cause credit card fraud and other banking frauds in the past so it is important to keep your computer free of spywares at all times.

Spy softwares can find a number of ways to sneak in your system. Whenever you download a software or a game from the internet, spywares manage to get saved to your system along with them.


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    Whenever you download any software, create a restore point in the Windows before proceeding forward. After the complete installation of the software always check for any additional programs that may also get fixed during the installation.

    Click on the start icon on the lower left corner of your screen and select control panel from the second tier of the menu. In the control panel, locate the icon 'Add and Remove Programs' and wait for a minute or two for the computer to generate the list.

    Click on arrange by date and check whether any other package has been installed on the computer other than the intended software.

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    Start your internet browser and go to toolbars. Remove any unwanted toolbars and plug-ins installed in the browser without your consent. These tools collect your surfing patterns and send them back to their developers.

    Also look for any unwanted search bars installed in the browser without your consent, remove them from the 'Add or Remove Programs' tab under the control panel.

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    If there have been changes made to your homepage in the browser; spyware is the culprit. It is best to install a Spyware detection tool such as Microsoft Malicious Software removal tool in your computer.

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    Click on the complete system scan, it will scan your entire hard disk for all forms and versions of spyware. However, it will only locate the presence of spyware. You will need to either remove them manually or install an Antivirus suite to remove these spy softwares from your system.

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