How to Split Ethernet Cable into Two

Often there arises a need to connect more then one computer with the Internet, be it at office or at your home. This can be very easily achieved by adding an Ethernet cable splitter, hub or simply with the help of routers. It all depends upon how many computers you want to add and how much money you can invest.

An Ethernet cable splitter is a device that adds two or more devices to a single cable or DSL modem. Splitting the Ethernet cable this way will save you money which you may otherwise spend on buying more routers or hubs. The method of Splitting an Ethernet Cable with the help of Ethernet Cable Splitter is very easy and anyone can do it without taking the help of professionals.

Things Required:

– Internet/DSL Modem
– Ethernet Cable Splitter
– 2 Ethernet Cables


  • 1

    Firstly locate the inbound port on your Ethernet Cable Splitter. Now plug in one end of the Ethernet cable into the inbound port on the Ethernet splitter.

  • 2

    Now locate the outbound port on your modem. Insert the other end of the same cable into this port of the modem.

  • 3

    Next locate the WAN port on your computer. Now take the second Ethernet cable and insert it into the WAN port of your computer.

  • 4

    Last of all, insert the other end of this second cable into the outbound port of your Ethernet cable splitter. The Ethernet cable has now been splitted up into two.

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