How to Diagnose a Pinched Nerve

Pinched nerve is an unpleasant illness, which gives you sharp pain and discomfort, as well as the distortion of the corresponding muscle or organ.

There is little arguing to the statement that suffering from a pinched nerve in your back, neck, arms can prevent you from doing daily life work and it needs proper attention, care and medication respectively.

Pinched cervical nerve may be associated with osteochondrosis. The disease is very serious and requires treatment by a doctor a neurologist under his direct control. However, self-medication can control the progression of the disease and serious complications.


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    The first symptom of a pinched nerve is a sharp pulling pain when turning your head in a specific direction. In this case, patient may have to turn around to look in that specific direction. Often, the body temperature rises to the desired level. The symptoms of this disease may include headache and dizziness.

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    You can start a treatment that will be primarily aimed at eliminating inflammation and pain. You should be getting NSAIDs in pill or injection, ointment for external use. It is used to relieve pain and inflammation most often.

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    After the removal of the acute phase of the disease you may opt for an electrophoresis, massage, acupuncture, ozone therapy and manual therapy, treatment with leeches or physical therapy.

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    Take a cup and fill it with flour and honey. Put it on the affected area and cover it with a towel.

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    Use orthopedic pillow and mattress in case of sewer pain and watch for your posture while working at the computer, watching TV, while reading and writing.

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    If you find yourself signs of nerve entrapment, be sure to see your doctor or a neurologist. They will use an X-ray and determine what the causes of nerve entrapment are and then ask for medication. The doctor usually prescribes physical therapy as a treatment, vitamins B and E, ultraviolet radiation and various ointments as well as hydrotherapy.

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