How to Get Rid of Sinus Pressure Naturally

You can suffer from severe headaches during sinus pressure which can make you very weak and unable to complete your daily tasks. Furthermore, you also feel facial sensitivity and tenderness which can be even more irritating. There are a lot of natural ways through which you can control and cure sinus pressure. Besides, you can also use some medication so as to get rid of sinus pressure to get your strength back for the work. But, we are going to discuss only the natural ways which you can follow to cure your sinus pressure.

Things Required:

– Thermometer
– Water
– Pot
– Stove
– Salt
– Towel
– Tissues
– Eucalyptus or camphor essential oils


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    First of all, you have to measure your fever for which you will have to use the thermometer. You can either put your thermometer under your tough for a couple of minutes or you can put it in your shoulders to check your temperature.

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    Then, you have to determine the probable cause of congestion. If you were caught in a flu or cold recently, it can also be the cause of sinus pressure. Besides, the sinus pressure is also caused by cigarette smoke. Additionally, you must also keep an account of your food allergies which can be the potential cause of sinus pressure.

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    You can have a humidifier in your bedroom so as to filter the air in your surroundings in order to keep your safe from any kind of allergies. If you face sinus pressure quite often, you must get a good quality humidifier for your house.

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    You will have to drink a lot of water so that your urine turns into a light colour. It will help you to remove all the toxic materials from your body.

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    Take a big bowl and pour some boiling water in it. Then, add a couple of drops of eucalyptus or camphor into the boiling water. Keep you face on the bowl and put a towel on your head to take in all the steam of water. In this way, your facial muscles will be relaxed and you will be able to extract all the mucus. Inhale the steam from your nose and massage your forehead, eyes and jaw bones.

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