How to Diagnose Illness in an Ostrich

There are many ways through which you can determine that an ostrich is suffering from illness. You do not need to be an expert to get a hint that the ostrich is not feeling well or there are some problems with the health condition. Some of the factors that can tell you about the deteriorating health condition of an ostrich are a shortage in egg production, less food consumption, a change in sound, a change in walk or any unusual routine. Whenever you see any of the above changes, be sure to take medical action.


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    Egg production

    A good way to diagnose the illness in an ostrich is to check the egg production. You need to keep an account of the number of eggs an ostrich produces because during an illness, there is a drop in the egg production. If you know the average production, you will be able to determine that there is a problem.

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    Food consumption

    Keep an eye on the diet of the ostrich as during illness, they tend to miss meals. You will have to take good care of the ostrich in that condition as the illness can harm the ostrich if proper medication is not provided. They need to be fed properly as quitting eating and drinking can cause further damage to the condition of the ostrich.

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    Listen to their sound

    You also need to take good care of the sound of the ostrich as that can indicate any respiratory problems. The sound may indicate if there is coughing or sneezing and you can take measures accordingly.

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    Notice their walk

    The walk of the ostrich is also a good indicator of the condition and health of the ostrich. If it is having problems in walking and in getting up, you can safely assume that something is not right.

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    Look for any changes

    One of the most important things to look for is any changes in the routine. There can be a change in personality or the ostrich may show signs of depression. You can assume from these changes that the condition of the ostrich is not well.

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