How to Diagnose Irritable Bowel Syndrome

The Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) can be very upsetting and needs to be diagnosed in time in order to get medical attention as soon as possible before the situation gets worse. There are a lot of things which can cause this problem and the best way of treating such a situation is to handle it in the early stages.

Although IBS is not deadly, it can be really troublesome for people of all age groups, especially children. You need to take care of your diet and make sure that you don’t have stomach related issues, which eventually get worse and convert into IBS.


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    See a doctor

    The first thing you need to do is consult a doctor as soon as you feel that there is some problem in your stomach. The specialist in this case would be a gastroenterologist, but you can see your family doctor first, if the situation can be controlled by him/her easily. If not, your doctor will advise you to visit the gastroenterologist in order to get better treatment.

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    Describe all symptoms in detail

    Visiting the doctor is not the only thing that will get you out of trouble, as you have to be careful about a lot of other things too. One of the most important things is to describe all symptoms in detail, so that you can be treated accordingly.  Often people don't take medical treatments seriously, which can result in a lot of problems later on.

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    Digital rectal examination

    In order to stay safe from IBS, you need to have a regular digital rectal examination. This way, the doctor will be continuously aware of the overall situation and will suggest medication accordingly.

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    Get a stool test

    If you feel that there is blood in your stool, you should keep a specimen of it and get it tested from a lab. However, you need to make sure that you have consulted your doctor before getting any tests done.

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    Go for other tests

    If the doctor suggests, you should go for additional tests. There should be no hesitation at all, as you need to be completely fit and healthy. You have to understand that treating any problem in the earlier stages will help you avoid bigger issues such as cancer, polyps and infectious diseases.

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