Dice Celery for Lentil Soups

Celery is a simple vegetable with a very unique aroma and smell.  It is the reason why celery is used as one of the main ingredients of Lentil Soup in order to add some zest. It is used in the making of various other soups as well. The unique smell of the celery deepens once you chop it as the internal cells open. The more finely you chop the celery, the more essence and taste the slices will penetrate into your Lentil Soup. You might be thinking the dicing of the lentil is as easy as the chopping of the other vegetables.

But, you really have to concentrate and practice in order to properly dice the celery for the lentil soup. Too large or small cubes of lentil can affect the taste of your broth. Moreover, the longer it takes to dice the celery, the worse the output can be as the aromatic liquid inside the sticks will spread all around the cutting board and you will lose the sweet-smell before adding the cubes to your lentil soup. So why not learn the right method to dice the lentils that will enable you to get through the task smoothly and easily?

Things Required:

– Cutting board
– Sharp knife


  • 1

    Select some fresh celery stalks you need for the Lentil soup you are preparing.

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    Celery Stalk
  • 2

    Place the lentil stalks in a large colander and wash them well under cold running water of your kitchen sink. Concentrate on the bottoms of the celery stalks as the stalks are connected and therefore can contain dust or other materials in between. Now drain the celery well until dry.

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    Wash Celery Stalk
  • 3

    Place the rinsed celery stalks face down on a large cutting board. Now use a sharp knife to trim off the ends of the celery stalks from the bottom and then set them aside or simply discard.

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    Cut Ends of Celery Stalk
  • 4

    Balance the ends of the celery stalks and use one of your hands to hold them together on the cutting board. Now cut them into medium and even pieces, using a knife. It helps in make lengthwise strips for the lentil soup.

    Cut Celery into Medium Sections
  • 5

    Use the same knife to cut medium lentil stalks into lengthwise strips.

    Cut Celery Lengthwise
  • 6

    Put together the medium celery stalks side by side in a parallel (horizontal) position so that you can dice them in one attempt rather than one at a time which is a time consuming activity. Slash the horizontally placed medium celery stalks crosswise into even pieces of your preferred thickness. Repeat the slashing as many times as needed to dice the entire length of the celery stalks.

    Chop Celery
  • 7

    Your diced Celery is all set to be used in the making of your lentil soup. Now check out How to Make Lentil Soup.

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    Chopped Celery

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