How to Dispose Of Bacon Grease

With the focus on heart-healthy foods and the move towards cutting back on the consumption of lard and animal fats, the bacon grease that accumulates in the pan after frying a couple of rashers is usually disposed of. However, getting rid of bacon grease is not that straightforward, and there are certain specific ways to dispose of it.


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    Firstly, do not attempt to dispose of bacon grease by pouring it down the drain. This might seem like the only way to get rid of it, and most people tend to pour the hot, melted grease in the frying pan down the drain before putting the pan in the kitchen sink. However, this is the worst way to go about it – when heated, bacon grease is in liquid form, but when it cools, it solidifies. This means that as the grease travels down the pipes in the drain, it will clog and stick to the walls of the pipes, causing blockages.

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    An ideal way to dispose of bacon grease is to pour it into a can, and set it aside to cool for a while. As it cools, the bacon grease will solidify. Once it is coagulated and hard, you can simply toss the can into the trash.

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    A bag can also be a safe way of getting rid of bacon grease. Allow hot grease to cool for a while, and then pour it into a plastic bag. This can be allowed to become semi-solid, and then thrown into the bin. However, if you choose to use bags for bacon grease disposal, make sure you double-bag it.

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    Freezing the grease and then tossing it into the trash as a solid lump is also a safe way to dispose of bacon grease. Line a cup with heavy-duty aluminium foil, and pour the grease into this. Put it in the freezer, and wait for it to harden completely. Then, take it out of the cup, wrap it all up in some more foil, and throw it in the bin.

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    A creative and less wasteful way of disposing of bacon grease is to use it in birdseed balls for winter. Since food becomes scarce for birds during the cold season, you can help them by mixing the bacon grease with a dollop of peanut butter, adding in cornmeal and birdseed, combining it all, rolling it into balls, and putting it out at convenient spots for birds to eat.

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