How to Recycle Newspaper at Home

Recycling newspaper is a good way to help your environment and reducing waste. You can make use of old newspaper in different productive household chores.


  • 1

    Deodorize containers and trunks

    You can use your old newspaper to finish the bad smell coming from your containers or trunks. Simply add crumbled newspaper in them and close the lid. Leave it for few days and the bad odour will run away.

    You can also remove bad odour from luggage and suitcases.

  • 2

    Dry wet shoes

    You can dry your wet shoes with your old newspapers. Your shoes can get wet if walked in rain or moving in the snow. You need to place your shoes in a dry place for few minutes. Then use your old newspapers to dry your soaked shoes.

    You can also use the newspaper to clean your shoes if walked on mud.

  • 3

    Cleaning residue from oven

    Newspapers can be used for cleaning the residue in oven. This will save your napkins and paper towels as you can remove the ash-like residue with the help of newspapers.

    Remember to moisten and crumple the newspaper before using it to remove the flaky stuff in oven.

  • 4

    Pick up broken glass pieces

    Usually children or anyone slip drinking glasses or any glass crockery while holding. If you pick up the broken glass shards with bare hands then you may risk cutting it. After removing the large pieces, you can place wet newspapers which will stick small pieces of broken glass. These wet newspapers are easy to dispose off.

  • 5

    Remove broken lightbulb

    You can use sheets of newspapers to unscrew broken bulbs in your house. Press it and then turn the bulb counter clockwise.

    Remember to switch off the bulb and wear gloves when unscrewing the lightbulb.

  • 6

    Protect windows

    Newspapers can also be used to protect windows of your house or office during renovating and painting. You do not need to get tape or sheets to cover your windows. Wet the old newspapers to stick them on your house windows and to prevent paint falling on them.

  • 7

    Use as Mulch

    Your old newspapers can be used for retaining moisture. Simply lay down few sheets of newspapers and cover with a wood mulch.

    Remember not to use newspapers which used colour ink for this purpose.

  • 8


    With the help from wet newspapers, you can get rid of earwigs in your garden. Simply leave the wet newspaper overnight and in the morning, many bugs will be attached to it. Throw it in the bin after placing it in a plastic bag.

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