How to Keep Raccoons Out of a Trash Can

Although raccoons are cute and furry they can create quite a mess as they go through the trash cans outside. Often times you will go outside only to see your trash cans laying on the ground and all the garbage has been spread all over the place. In most cases it is raccoons that are responsible as they are looking for a quick bite to eat. Keeping raccoons out of the trash can is easy if you follow some basic techniques.

Things Required:

– Strong plastic garbage bags
– Motion detector lights and sprinklers
– Mothballs
– Elastic cord
– Dirty clothing
– Powder


  • 1

    Double bag trash:

    Use two strong plastic garbage bags to put your trash in before putting it in the can. Try to use the thickest quality plastic garbage bags that you can find as a raccoon as an excellent sense of smell. This will mask out the scent of the food and keep raccoons away from the trash can.

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    You can also place mothballs around the area where you put the trash cans. The strong smell of the mothballs will also mask out the aroma of food to keep raccoons away.

  • 3

    Use powder:

    Put powder all over the top of the trash cans to keep raccoons away. Raccoons do not like the feel of powder and will usually stay away from the trash can.

  • 4

    Tie down trash cans:

    Use the elastic cord to tie down the lids of the trash cans. Be sure to secure the entire lid of the trash can so that the raccoons cannot get to the garbage. This will make it extremely difficult for the raccoons to get inside of the trash cans and make a mess.

  • 5

    Motion detector lights and sprinklers:

    If you want to spend some money on this issue then you can purchase some motion detecting lights and sprinklers that will turn on when a raccoon will come near to the trash cans. The water from the sprinklers will not hard the raccoons but should be enough to scare them way from your trash cans.

  • 6

    Dirty clothing:

    Keeping some dirty clothing around the trash cans will give the raccoons the sense that someone is standing in the area and they will stay away from the trash cans.

  • 7

    Call professional:

    If none of these methods work then you can always hire a professional to take care of raccoons in your area. However, a professional will charge you a decent amount of money so be prepared for this.

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