How to Manually Drain a Waterbed

Waterbeds are very popular among some consumers because of their softness and the facility that you can use warm water. Warm waterbed also serves as a healing solution to the body while it  gives a comfortable sleep. However, draining out the water from the mattress at the time you want to replace it is a difficult job. It risks leaking of the mattress and thus spread of water all over the house or the room and at the same time it can also cause an injury to the person who is handling the water draining task.


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    Clear Waterbed of Sheets, Other Stuff

    Before you even think of moving your waterbed to start the water draining process, remove all sheets and other stuff on and around it. Also, you should have the place around the bed cleared as in case of any damage to bed, your precious stuff is protected from soaking.

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    Unplug Waterbed

    You should also disconnect the power supply of the heater if you are using heater to warm up the water in the bed. This is a must that waterbed be cleared of all power supply connections.

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    Use of Garden Hose to Siphon Out Water

    This sounds a bit risky but it is one of the effective methods to manually drain water out of the waterbed.

    - Use one end of hose and plug it into the waterbed valve. Some water will leak when you open the valve first time.
    - Plug other end of the hose to the outdoor faucet on the ground. You can use gravity from position of your window if you throw the hose pipe through it.
    - Put some heavy stuff on the waterbed right above the valve.
    - Open the outdoor faucet and let the water run through towards the bed end for about 15 seconds.
    - Close the outdoor faucet and take hose pipe out of it and throw it on the ground. Pressure of the air through outdoor faucet end will open up the bed valve and all water will be siphoned to the end of the hose that is on the ground. This will ensure the entire water is sucked out of the bed. You can still press other parts of the mattress so that water is pushed through towards the hose.

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    Use of Electric Pump

    You can also use an electric pump to suck water out of the waterbed mattress in a similar way. Make sure not to leave the pump side unattended or plugged in for a longer period time for safety reasons.

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