How to Remove Rocks from a Garden

Rocks and other similar things present in the soil can make it difficult for you to grow different plants in your garden. Therefore, it is really important that you get rid of the rocks and other things such as broken pieces of tiles or planter etc. The Colorado State University Extension states that the removal of rocks from the front and sides of the house helps in reducing the level of crawlies such as spiders invading your house. Many crawling organisms give birth under the rocks present in the gardens and other areas of your house. So, it is really important that you should get rid of those rocks, in order to keep the creepy crawlies away from your home.


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    Using a heavy garden rake can pull out any grass or weeds from the area which you want to turn into a garden. If you find it difficult to pull out the grass from the ground, you can also use grass killer instead.

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    Pick up the stones from the dirt using your hands and place them in a bucket. You can discard them or even use them to decorate any area, if they have good textures on them.

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    Using a shovel or garden spade, make a trench around the bigger rocks that are difficult to be picked by hands. Make sure you dig enough so that the pry bar can easily go under the rock. Now, use your own body weight over the shovel and the pry bar to take out the stone.

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    Now, soak your garden using a soaking hose. Soaking the garden will make it easy for you to use shovel. In case, your garden was hit by rain in the last 24 hours, then you do not need to apply more water in the garden.

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    Take your shovel and put it inside the surface of the garden. Make sure you insert it for about 6 inches deep. Lean back on the handle of the shovel and take out a piece of dirt. Put it upside down. Do the same process at every part of the garden where you want to grow plants.

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    You can now collect the rocks that are visible to you. Also try to break the clods in the dirt. You will find that more rocks will come out of the clods. Put them all in the bucket and discard.

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