How to Donate Furniture to Charity

Not everyone is rich on this planet. There are millions of people across the globe, who wait for the fortunate ones to donate. If you want to help others through charity, you don’t need to have cash only. Everything can be given to charity.

Charity is the practice of benevolent giving and caring. If the rich ones stop to take care of the poor community, the situation will continue to get worse day by day. Especially in undeveloped countries, many people lose their lives due to hunger and lack of necessary facilities.

Humanity teaches to take care of others. Charity is possibly the best way to take care of the underprivileged class. Including cash, you can donate anything to charity, as it will eventually help the needy ones.

A lot of people sell their old furniture just for a few pennies. By selling out the old stuff, they don’t get any good money. So, it is always better to make a charitable donation, when upgrading your furniture.

There are several needy organisations, who will gladly accept your donations. However, such organisations do have certain standards. Since most of them have only limited resources, it is always better to deliver the stuff to their doorstep.


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    First of all, decide which furniture you want to donate. After making a complete list of the items, make sure the stuff is not too damaged. It would not take much time, if you repair small damages to give the deprived one the real joy. Also clean it up properly.

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    In your area, there may be a few Goodwill stores. These stores usually have an arrangement with the local shelters. The Goodwill stores receive all the stuff from you, and subsequently pay the shelters in the form of cash or other stuff.

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    If the Goodwill route is not available, you can contact the shelters directly. Usually, the workers in the shelters pick up the furniture from your place, if they have the resources. You may find plenty of charity organisations on the web. Select the one that you feel deserves the most.

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    If no plan works out, you can simply donate it to a church. A lot of churches do accept such donations. Apart from furniture, they accept appliances and other household items. Every organisation will gladly acknowledge your offer.

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