How to Burn Trash Safely at Home

Generally, burning trash at home is a punishable offense in many different communities. However, under certain circumstances, it becomes imperative to burn trash at home, especially if you are living in a rural area with no established means of waste disposal. Before you burn trash, you will need to take into consideration certain safety guidelines and precautionary measures to effectively prevent a hazardous outcome. That being said, burning trash should be be your last resort only after attempts of safe disposal are exhausted.

Things Required:

– Fire barrel or fire pit
– Shovel
– Hose or bucket of water
– Surgical type mask


  • 1

    Be sure to burn the trash in appropriate weather conditions. You will not want to burn trash in windy or humid conditions because it can be a fire hazard. For burning trash safely, it will be wise to wait for a calm day.

  • 2

    Contact the fire department and make them aware of your intentions to burn trash. Seek their advice to determine if prevailing climatic conditions are safe for burning trash. The fire department will not make an unnecessary emergency run to your home if they are aware of your plans ahead of time.

  • 3

    To prevent the flames from spreading, burn the trash in a fire barrel. If that is not possible for some reason, make a fire pit. Remove any flammable materials such as clutter and weeds from the area surrounding the fire pit or the fire barrel in which you are going to burn the trash.

  • 4

    To cope with a hazardous situation that may arise due to the fire burning out of control, keep a bucket full of water and a shovel nearby.

  • 5

    Closely watch the fire as long as it is burning. When the fire dies out, take care of the coals by pouring water on them. Leave the area only after the ashes properly cool down.

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