How to Get Rid Of an Old Mattress

When you find that your mattress is no longer comfortable for you to sleep on, it is time for you to get rid of it and buy a new one. It is more important for your health and safety to immediately invest in a new mattress to get a comfortable sleep to stay fresh and energized while awake. Also, an old mattress can easily cause you back pain or hurt you at other places. So never let an old mattress linger on to be a part of your bed.

An important step in getting rid of your old mattress is do not throw it right out of your home near garbage bin or any garbage collection point. No one, even the garbage man is going to touch it given their heavy size. Garbage collector from your local council do not find it convenient to collect such a heavy mattress with the daily garbage collection.

For this you have to think your options well before, and properly arrange a service to get the mattress collected and disposed off in a systematic manner. A leniency in this regard can also land you in a trouble with your local authorities. So it is better get the mattress properly disposed off, instead of letting it lye on pavements.


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    Sale Option

    If you want to make some money out of even your used mattress, you can advertise it with its photo, well depicting its condition, on a website for old stuff. Someone might find it useful for any reason and pay you some bucks for it. So first try it to sell it out instead of throwing it away.

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    Charity Shop

    In failure of attracting any buyer or you did not have a plan to sell it at first place, you can find a charity shop near your home and leave the mattress there. Different charitable organizations have their charity shops, which collect the old or used stuff at their doorstep and then sell on cheaper prices to raise money in support of their causes.

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    Look for Mattress Recycling Service

    There can be some organizations in your area, which offer mattress recycling service. You can look for such a service from the directory and phone them to collect your mattress at your doorsteps to dispose it off properly.

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    Ask Mattress Retailer

    You can ask the retailer who sells you new mattress if they have service to collect the old ones. If they do they are then the best option for you to get rid of your old mattress. Let it be then to be the responsibility of your new mattress supplier.

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    Arrange for Collection by Council Service

    A garbage man is not going to make the collection of heavy mattress a part of daily garbage collection but you can phone your local council authorities and arrange in advance for collection of your mattress. Simply you will have to inform them in advance and leave mattress outside. They will come at the given time and take it away safely. You do not have to wait to be informed when they  had come for collection.

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