How to Clean Gutters Efficiently

Gutters help to drain water outside your house. It prevents ice dams in winter and also drains water out during monsoon season. In case they do not have a gutter guard, then they collect rubbish especially leaves during fall. The debris collected blocks the flow of water. This trapped water can cause damage to the roof and the house walls. Thus you need to regularly clean gutters in order to avoid clogging and maintain your house. However, this process is dangerous so you need to take safety measures before cleaning your house gutters.

Things Required:

– Garden hoses
– Garden Trowels
– Leaf Blowers
– Buckets
– Large wooden spoons
– Plastic trash bags
– Caulks
– Extension Ladders
– Gutter scoops
– Plumber’s snake


  • 1

    Reach the roof

    You need to reach the gutters located on your roof. Place the ladder against the wall properly and climb up the roof. Remember not to place ladder against gutter or downspout. You may bend them or even break them.

  • 2

    Remove leaves with hand

    After climbing up the ladder, you need to remove the leaves with your hand. You can also use a large spoon, gutter scoop or a garden trowel in order to clear the gutter.

  • 3

    Remove caked-on dirt

    In order to remove dirt stuck on the gutter, you can pour water on it and then remove it. Use a gutter scoop or travel in order to wipe out the dirt.

  • 4

    Put waste in the trash bag

    Next you need to place the waste in a bucket or a trash bag which is either placed on roof or on ladder. Do not carry the bag or you may drop it after filling.

  • 5

    Check downspouts

    You need to clean the downspout if they are clogged. You can do this with help of garden hose. Simply pour down water in it but be calm while doing so. In case you fail to unclog the downspout then you can use a plumber’s snake in order to clean it.

  • 6

    Use a leaf blower

    You can clean the gutters by using a leaf blower. This will blow away all the leaves fallen on the gutter. However, take caution while carrying and handling this heavy machine.

  • 7

    Flush the gutter

    In the end you need to flush away the gutter. You can do this with help of the garden hose.

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