How to Sanitize Auto Air Conditioners

Air conditioning in car is a luxury that we all enjoy, but very few people look after the air conditioning unit of their vehicle.

With the passage of time the flow of air through the air conditioning unit causes dust to settle down permanently in the vents. Bacteria and fungi also make their way into the system and this leads to the circulation of bad air in the vehicle. Unhygienic air conditioning system causes cough and other diseases if the air conditioning mechanism is not cleaned up regularly.

There are many ways to clean up the air conditioning unit; the easiest one is the use of sanitizer which is available in aerosol cans.


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    Do research on the automobile air cleaner on the internet. Find out how they work, their different variations, and select the appropriate one for your car. They can be purchased online, or you can visit a nearby store to get the specific model. There are many websites on the internet that deal with automobiles and their parts along with the luxury items such as air cleaners.

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    Air sanitizers have a very wide budget range; some of them may be as cheap as a few bucks while some others may cost up to hundreds of dollars. Buy the highest quality air cleaner if you can afford it.

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    Close all doors and mirrors and fire up the engine. Turn on the air conditioning unit and make sure it is set to internal circulation. In this mode the connection between the car and outdoor environment is cut off and the air circulates within the car over and over again. Also ensure that all vents of the air conditioning unit are open.

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    Move the driver seat as much back as you can and after that put the can on the front mat near the car pedals. Press the button to start the release of contents into the compartment. Leave the car and close the door.

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    The can will take some time to release all its contents. Give the cleaner about 15 minutes time so that the contents can circulate through each nook and corner of the air conditioning unit.

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    Now open all doors and windows to ventilate the car.

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