How to Start a Restroom Cleaning Business

These days, providing cleaning services in stadiums, restaurants, hospitals, schools, conventional halls and other public facilities have become a huge business. Serving the restrooms typically requires trash disposal including applying odour and disinfecting eliminators to floors, sinks, fixtures and toilet bowls. All other contact and surface areas must also be cleaned inside a restroom facility to enhance the looks and retain valuable customers. Starting a restroom cleaning service is not as difficult as some of us may think.

Of course, it involves frequent cleaning of toilet accessories but the most important thing is to ensure the facilities are stocked with quality paper products and hand soaps all the time. If you are planning to dive into this extremely competitive business, you should consider making a team that will be capable of providing high quality and unmatched services to your clients. You might also want to develop a business plan before jumping into the restroom cleaning service business as it will help you evaluate the success chances for your business.


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    Firstly, you should consider raising start up financing as the business will require you to buy large and expensive cleaning machinery. Use your personal finances to obtain a small business loan from a local bank. Then use the loan to purchase cleaning equipment, supplies and staff uniforms.

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    Now contact the local and state government agency and obtain all the required licenses and permits to operate this business. Consider talking to the local agencies to ensure compliance because every state has its own set of rules and regulations which you must follow.

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    Find a cheap and reliable business insurance as the cleaning staff will be using dangerous and harmful chemicals. Obtaining business liability insurance is a business necessity when dealing with harmful chemicals and detergents.

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    Purchase cleaning equipment and supplies after evaluating your business needs. Typical cleaning equipment includes detergents, cleaning solutions, microfiber clothing, industrial mops, buckets, brooms and spraying bottles. You should also consider buying chemical dispensing and proportioning equipment to improve the efficiency of your team.

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    Talk to a local HR recruiting firm and start hiring for your business. Make sure all the candidates undergo a basic background check including previous experiences, personal identification and criminal record. You may also want to determine the number of full time and part time employees you will need. Provide proper training to all the employees.

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    Develop an effective business and marketing strategy to promote your business. Have a company brochure or leaflet ready to secure new clients. Distribute them among the potential customers and start marketing your business.

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