How to Reduce Household Waste

Household waste is anything that is to be disposed off after usage and every house in this world produces and disposes some waste. According to a survey in the United States, an average person disposes of 4 lbs. of waste and garbage each day. This daily figure is increasing day by day due to the sharp increase in the use of readymade products. The rise in this amount of waste from each house is of great concern to the public and consequentially also to the government as the garbage amount is starting to overfill the places where they are supposed to be disposed. Certain steps could be taken in our daily routine, which would help reduce the amount of trash being produced and will be beneficial to both us and the government. The problem is one that can be overcome and will serve the purpose of keeping our environment healthier and fitter, on both residential level and country level.


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    The first step to reduce the household waste is to assess that how much waste is being produced by the family on daily basis. This needs to be estimated as only then we can look to reduce the waste being produced in several departments in our house. The best way is to make a daily rubbish diary and note down the amounts that are disposed of daily. This will allow you to make comparisons on the before and after scenario. The important thing in this step is to keep a note of the number of bags that you have thrown the weight of each bag and the track of everything that is being trashed.

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    The next step is to start recycling. Starting to recycle the sort of things such as plastic, metal and glass can make a huge difference in the amount of garbage that you produce normally. This is the best technique as it makes a large dent in the amount of garbage you throw away.

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    Next you are required to make a compost pile. Most of the waste coming from the house comprises of food products. A Compost pile is a pile or a receptacle where one can dispose of the food scraps and yard waste. This waste decomposes and produces compost and it in return enriches the soil in the gardens or any landscaping beds.

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    Repurpose items that you normally throw away. Some items are thrown by us immediately after they have served their original purpose. In actual however, they can be used for other purposes. E.g. a shirt can be used as rags for cleaning and lawn clippings as mulch.

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    Finally, you have to bring in less waste in your house. Consider the packaging scheme in this regard and choose one large package to hold all the items rather than separate packaging for each. Another good way to implement this is to purchase things in bulk. Also prefer plastic bags over cardboard boxes.

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