How to Get Rid Of Trash Cans

After using your trash cans for months or years, there comes a time that trash can itself needs to be thrown away. When the trash can is broken, obsolete or used for many years then it is time to discard them.

Things Required:

– Card stock
– Felt-tipped marker
– Tape
– Hacksaw


  • 1


    You should get a sign or board and write ‘FREE’ on it. Then put it on the can then needs to be discarded. Someone will pick up the can after few days as the trash of one person can be treasure of the other. In order to attract people for taking it, you can put fire log or firewood in the can and leave it so anyone can take. Remember to write take the can and all on the sign which you have placed.

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    Ask the garbage collector

    Write on the sign for the garbage collector to take the can and tape it. If your garbage can is obsolete and out of order then you need to request to the garbage collector. You can put this note when nobody has taken the free garbage can you are offering.

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    Recycle the can

    In case your garbage can is recyclable, you can always recycle it and help the environment. You can check whether your garbage can is recyclable by looking at the bottom of it. If there is any number written on it then it can be recycled. You need to contact the local recycling centre to take the can or you can take it to the centre yourself.

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    Scrap metal yard

    If your garbage can is made up of aluminium or metal then you can take it to the local scrap metal yard. Remember that you may even get money if it is made up of aluminium.

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    Use it for storage purposes

    You do not need to throw the garbage can. Simply wash it properly and use a lot of soap. Then put it in the backyard and store old toys and other stuff.

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    Cut the garbage can

    If all else fails, you can always break or cut it into pieces and throw it in another garbage can. You can cut the garbage can with help from hacksaw. Remember you can apply this step if your garbage can is made up of rubber or plastic.

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