How to Recycle Plastic at Home

Recycling is the utilization of waste products for household chores. The Environmental Protection Agency aims to recycle waste in a country. Nowadays, you will see a raised number behind plastic which tells the type of plastic and whether it can be recycled or not.


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    Contact Department of Public Works

    You can contact the local recycling agencies or Department of Public Works and get information where to throw the plastics for recycling and what types of plastic can be recycled.

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    Sort by number

    You need to place the plastic containers according to the numbers. This is to avoid blotting during the recycling process. Remember to wash before sorting the plastic containers.

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    Recycle the first two types of plastic containers

    You can recycle the type 1 (PETE) and type 2 (HDPE) plastic containers such as plastic bags, detergent containers, juice and water bottles anywhere according to the local instructions.

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    Dispose grocery bags at stores

    You can get rid of the plastic grocery bags at the stores where you bought them. These are usually type 4 (LDPE) and you can throw them in the bins located at the grocery stores.  In addition, some big chains have recycling bins located inside their stores. However, remember to empty it properly before disposing them.

  • 5

    Recycling foam packaging

    You need to find out local recycling centre in order to recycle your foam packaging. It is usually type 6 (Expanded Polystyrene or EPS). However, some type 6 plastics cannot be recycled and should be thrown out such as plastic utensils.

  • 6

    Throw away type 3, 5 and 7

    You should simply throw away or discard plastic types 3, 5 and 7. Plastic type 3 includes food wrap and oil bottles. Type 5 includes yogurt containers, diapers, bags and bottle tops. Type 7 plastic includes layered or mixed plastic. These types of plastic are usually discarded away. However, it may be recycled in some areas where they are testing of recycling them.

  • 7

    Remove labels

    Do not forget to remove labels from the plastic before recycling them. However, in some areas it may be ok to recycle the plastic without removing labels.

  • 8


    You can always crush the plastic containers before recycling them. This will create space for more waste to be recycled.

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