How to do a Donkey Kick Exercise

Donkey Kick exercise may sound funny, but it is extremely useful when it comes to developing gluteus and lower back muscles.

While toning the tush is critical for the ladies, men want to get rid of the lower back pains. In both situations, nothing is as helpful as a donkey kick exercise. It is really simple, but doing it in the right way is very important.

The donkey kick exercise requires no preparation, equipment or spot-trainer. One can get an idea about its benefits from the fact that it was once named as number one butt exercise by the American Council on Exercise. The donkey kick exercises are also known as quadruped hip extensions and bent-leg kickbacks.


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    Consult your doctor or gym instructor before starting this exercise. Since a lot of stretching is involved, it may prove painful for a few individuals.

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    The donkey kick exercise starts by assuming bending on your knees. Make sure the surface is flat; otherwise, you may twist your wrists.

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    Stay in this position for a few seconds to check the balance of your body.

    In case you find it difficult to balance your body, slowly lower your back to the floor and try it after a while. You need to keep repeating this movement unless you succeed in maintaining the correct form.

    If there is a problem still, it means that your back cannot bear the load of this movement.

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    Now raise one leg in such a way that the upper limb is parallel to the ground and the lower one is perpendicular to it. Give a two second pause in this position and then repeat the same movement with the other leg.

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    There is no need to go extreme right from the beginning. Only perform 5-7 donkey kicks in one session. You can increase the number once your body completely adjusts to the move. After mastering this trick, you can bump up 3-4 sets of 15 repetitions with each leg.

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    There are several variations in donkey exercise. But the thing that remains important is the right balance. Actions such as lowering your head, swinging your arms and dipping your back could eventually result in injuries.

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