How to Do Endurance Exercises as a Senior

Being a senior citizen does not mean that you cannot enjoy a healthy active lifestyle doing endurance exercises on a regular basis. In fact it is recommended that seniors get out and do some exercise within their physical limits. Talk to your doctor about putting together an endurance exercise routine for you as he or she is in the best position to help you. If you are a senior and are looking to do endurance exercises safely then there are a few simple methods that you can follow to help you stay active.


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    Talk to your doctor:

    Talk to your doctor before starting any type of endurance exercise routine. Be sure to discuss your health issues with your doctor and get him or her to design a proper exercise plan. Your doctor will discuss your heart rate, blood pressure or any other issues that need to be monitored while doing your endurance exercises.

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    Be sure to begin any endurance exercises by thoroughly stretching beforehand. Take your time to stretch your arms and legs as this will also start the blood flowing and your heart rate moving. Always remember to stretch before doing any type of endurance exercises.

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    Start bicycling:

    You can find a nice selection of bicycles that are easy to ride and quite comfortable for seniors at your local bicycle shop. Start slowly and never try to overdo it while riding a bicycle. Always find a nice peaceful area that is safe from overcrowding while you do your endurance exercises. Slowly build up your distance and speed as you begin to gain some endurance.

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    Start endurance walking:

    Another good endurance exercise for seniors is to walk. This is great for the cardiovascular system as walking provides a decent work out. Remember to take it slow and only walk short distances in the start. It is a good idea to find a companion to walk with while you do your exercising.

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    Swimming is a very good endurance exercise for seniors as the workout is mild and depending on the length of your exercise routine. Swimming is also good for the muscles as the water provides excellent resistance for seniors. Another benefit is the water can be either warm or cold during different times of the year.

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    Cool down:

    Always remember to take some time to cool down from your endurance exercise. Also, remember to drink a lot of water to prevent dehydration. Never try to overdo it when you do any sort of endurance exercise.

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