How to Do Full Deck Setups And False Cuts in Magic

If you are fond of playing card games, you might want to learn a few card tricks. Many people find the card tricks exciting despite the fact that there is no rocket science involved in this. Not to mention, they often find it hard to learn these tricks but if you want to learn the full deck setups and false cuts, then you need not worry, it is definitely not as difficult as it appears to be. With a little help and simple tricks, you can easily learn the full deck setups and false cuts in magic.


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    Gain familiarity with cards

    In order to perform tricks, it is of utmost importance that you should gain familiarity with the deck of cards. You must be able to identify full series of four different types of cards present in a deck. If you are new to cards, you can take help from your fellows or family members. Not to mention, everything is available on the internet, you can easily obtain the information from there if you want.

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    Understand the trick

    After you have gained complete understanding of the deck of cards, you must explore ways to understand the full deck setups and false cuts. For this trick, it is important that you must have a complete deck of cards. It does not matter whether the deck is new or not, what matters is that you have adequate knowledge of the trick. In order to perform this trick properly, you must shuffle the card deck properly and then ask your friend to split it as he desires. Now, you must ask him to pick a card and memorise it and put it back. In the meantime, you are supposed to swiftly have a look at the card which is underneath that one. Now you must ask your friend to place back the split deck and shuffle these cards. You should remember the card that you saw. After you have shuffled the deck, you must place all the cards and locate that special card with reference to the one you saw.

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    Practise it

    Nobody can master it in the first attempt; therefore, you must practice it as much you can until you have completely mastered the trick. Remember that it may require a little time until you achieve perfection, so you must not lose hope.

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