How to do Hole in a Card Trick

This type of card trick is often used by the magicians but anyone can play this by just keeping a few simple things in mind. The trick requires four Kings along with Jokers but you may also use 9s and 8s. You place the four Kings down on the table such that one King is at the Top and the other three at the bottom in a side by side position.  After that you place one Joker over the King at the Top. As you will pick one King from the table and place it between the jokers, it will disappear and the spectator will be amazed to see this. Although all the Kings should be together but when the cards are turned over, quite surprisingly they will be four aces.


  • 1

    Start preparation for the trick by having 2 Kings, 4 Aces and 4 Jokers. If you do not want to use 4 Jokers for any reason then you may use two 8s and two 9s.

  • 2

    Set the 4 jokers such that you have 2 Aces on 3rd and 4th position. Make sure that both the aces appear to be one single card so that you count four jokers before the audience, the Aces are not visible.

  • 3

    Set 2 Kings and 2 Aces on the top of the deck such that you are able to keep a break between the four cards in Palm and rest of the deck.

  • 4

    After that place the other 2 Kings that on the top of the four cards such that you have now all the four Kings together right above the 2 Aces.

  • 5

    Now flip over the cards and put them on the deck. As you will deal the cards on the table saying that these are four Kings you will actually be dealing 2 Kings and 2 Aces with the other 2 Kings still on the top of the deck.

  • 6

    Next what you do is reverse the order of cards containing 2 Kings and 2 Aces such that now you have 2 Kings at the bottom and 2 Aces at the top.

  • 7

    After that pull two cards from the middle such that they appear to be one and show to the audience that you have pulled out 1st King while you end up placing an Ace face down on the table.

  • 8

    Next pull out the two bottom cards and show to the audience that you have pulled out the second King and put the other Ace face down on the table.

  • 9

    Now you will be left with the two Kings in hand which you simply place with face down on the table. This step needs to be done quickly so that the audiences do not notice the Kings and Aces.

  • 10

    Arrange the above four cards such that you have an Ace at the top and one at the bottom while the Kings placed on either sides of the bottom Ace.

  • 11

    Now you pick the other pack that you made with 4 Jokers and 2 Aces. Showing that you are pulling Joker from the pack to the audience, you end up pulling out an Ace and you put it over the Ace at the top.

  • 12

    Next you pick the King from the table and put it in the pack in your hand and show it to the audience. Doing a virtual count, you make 3 as 4 thus creating illusion for the audience that you have King disappeared.

  • 13

    Again showing Joker to the audience pull the Ace from behind it and put it over the two Aces you have at the table.

  • 14

    Next you pick up the Ace that you placed at the bottom in step 10 and out in between the pack you have in hand. Once you have done this, show the audience that you have placed the King inside.

  • 15

    Now you again show that you have put a Joker on the top card whereas you have put the Ace on the top of the other three Aces on table.

  • 16

    Right now, you are holding two Kings and Four Jokers. Again you make an abrupt count show two cards as one so as to make Kings look disappeared.

  • 17

    Finally when you will flip over the cards placed on the table, it should be the four Kings for the spectators. However, they will come out as the Four Aces which will make the audience feel as there were holes in the cards.