How to Give a Best Man’s Toast

At some stage in life, a close friend or your brother will ask you to be their best man. This is a great privilege. One of the tasks of the best man besides being with the groom and give him support is to give a toast. It is a few kind words or a pleasant joke about your friend and wishing them success for the new life. Many people mess up this simple task by getting drunk and telling stories which should be kept a secret. This lack of preparation and the effect of booze can turn into an embarrassing situation in front of all the guests. It may not be your wedding but a best man id one of the most important people on that day and it is your duty that everything goes perfect. Make your speech something that the guests will enjoy and make the bride and groom happy.


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    You may think that you are good at public speaking but do not take the risk of going to the wedding totally unprepared. Brainstorm some ideas and note down some points that you think are important. Think about the past events and adventures you have shared and jot down the points which you think will interest everyone and will make the groom happy.

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    Drink less

    It is understandable that you want to enjoy your best buddies wedding but set some limits. Do not over indulge in alcohol if you know that you lose control over your words and actions. It will make you a laughing stock and can even turn unpleasant. You do not want to end up blurting out something that you later regret. Have some will power and resist the urge to drink mindlessly. Leave this over indulgence for the after party after you are done with the speech.

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    Avoid controversies

    Make sure to choose incidents that are fun and will not offend anyone. Sometimes a joke can go too far and may hurt someone’s feelings. Think of pleasant memories that you share. It is OK to make fun of the groom a little but within limits. There is no need to bring up any previous fights or rivalries of the groom.

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    Short and simple

    People get irritated if the speech gets too long. Just because you have the microphone do not go on speaking. There are speeches by the bride’s father and maid of honour too and people are not always interested in long stories. So keep it light, simple and short.

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