How to Watch Classic TV Movies Online for Free

There are some classic TV movies that one can never get out of their heads. Since the movies are pretty old, there is a good chance that the video stores would not be keeping a copy of those movies with them. Fortunately, Internet and video-streaming websites are there to resolve this issue. If you are dying to feast your eyes on a classic TV movie, all you have to do is get a computer/laptop/iPad, a fast Internet connection, name of a good video-streaming website with a huge database and few hours to spare to sit down and enjoy the movie.


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    The first thing that you need to do is to ensure that you have an active Internet connection on your computer. Since you will be streaming the movie online, the speed of the connection needs to be pretty good, otherwise the movie may keep freezing and consequently ruin the experience. If you have any active downloads running in the background, pause them until you are done watching the movie.

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    Next, launch the web browser installed on your system and navigate to the Google search engine. In the search field, type the name of the website or service that offers streaming. There are some websites such as “Xfinity” or “MyLifetime” that offer classic TV movies, while other sites such as “YouTube Movies,” “Hulu” and “Crackle” allows the users to stream movies legally. There are also some websites that offer free film streaming, though the video and sound quality of the films on such websites is not the greatest. It is strongly recommended to opt for a legal video-streaming website instead of a free one, which may be involved in video piracy.

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    Once you have selected the video streaming website form the Google search results, scroll through the titles available on the website. In order to make it convenient for a user to search for the films of his choice, nearly all video-streaming websites have a search feature and also arrange films according to categories and popularity. If you are not exactly sure about the name of the classic TV movie that you wish to watch, use IMDB (Internet Movie Database) to search for the film, its complete name and the category that it would most likely be listed in on the video-streaming website.

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    Once you have located the movie on the website, click the buttons labelled “Play,” “Watch” or something similar.

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    At the bottom-right corner of the movie window, you will find the option to switch to full-screen. You will also find the volume control bar over there.

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