How to Do Hula Dancing for Fitness

Hula is a type of dance that originated from the Hawaiian Islands and was initially introduced by the Polynesians who are the native settlers of the area. The dance is usually performed with some chant or music playing in the background and is used to explain what is being played through the specific dance moves. The original hula dancing consists of some complex dance movements like specific hand motions that are used to represent nature; to explain a certain feeling or emotion. These movements are also accompanied by simultaneous foot and hip movements. Hula dancing also requires wearing some traditional Hawaiian clothing that has now been changed to avoid a lavish display.

Hula for Fitness

Nowadays, Hula dancing is being used for the purposes of fitness. The dance requires moving most of your body parts which is why it is accepted to be a good fitness workout for the human body. It is known to enhance coordination, make the heart pump blood to your body more efficiently, make your muscles strong and lean, and also helps your bones become stronger.


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    If you are a resident of the Hawaiian Islands or live nearby; it will not take you long to find a Hula dancing expert or a group of people who practice. Otherwise, since the hula dancing for fitness is gaining much popularity these days, you can find a hula dancing class; find a book or buy a DVD that can make you learn the steps.

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    Select the right music for getting yourself in the mood. Music has a great significance in the traditional Hula dancing; you can either use the Hawaiian music or can even get personal over your selection as long as it keeps you up with the Hula.

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    As mentioned above, the original Hula can be very complex but you can start from learning some basic moves. After you have learnt the basics, you can move forward to make more complex combinations out of them although that might take some time.

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    In order to prevent boredom and monotony, try to improve the speed of your dance and make new combinations. Try something new with each day.

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    Hula requires much coordination with body movements which you might find difficult in the beginning. Start with combining a few body movements and practice daily to advance.

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    Make your workout routine fun by making your friends or family participate.

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