How to Do Research in the Library

Library is an organized collection of books and encyclopedias which is accessible to public or students. Besides books, you can find films, maps, DVDs, e-books, audiotapes, prints, CDs and few other things in the library.


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    Background reading

    Before starting your research, you should get some information about the topic. You can get this from an encyclopedia. In case you fail to get basic information of your topic from an encyclopedia then you need to get knowledge of the dates and events of your chosen topic. You can always take help from the librarian present there.

    If your topic is related to dairy industry, you need to know the basic information about this industry. You should know the benefits of organic milk, history of this industry and the invention of new milk machines.

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    Refine your research topic

    If you still want to know more about your chosen topic then narrow it down. You need to look at the keywords of your topic.

    Search in your library’s interlibrary loan system. Enter your keywords in this system and search them. In case you fail to find your desire keywords then it’s better for you to change them. You will face difficulty in researching for those items and you may even not complete your research project.

    You can also use SAGE if it is available in your library. By this software, you will not only get help for your research but you can also design your own writing project.

    By this way, you will not only get more information about your topic but will also save a lot of time.

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    Come up with good research questions

    You should think of jolting down good research questions. A reference librarian can always be of assistance. You just need to tell them what are your writing for and what topic is, they will guide you in every possible way.

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    Take help from reference librarian

    You need to tell your reference librarian what information you have collected. He or she will then guide you and answer your questions. You should compose questions in a way that you will get in-depth answers relating to your research work.

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