How to do Second Chance Card Trick

The second chance card trick is another very interesting type of card tricks played. It is similar to other card tricks in way that spectator chooses a card from the deck and puts it back which is later on revealed by the performer. However, it is different and comparatively simple because the performer takes two chances to reveal the card selected by the spectator and also uses an ultra-gaff card. The trick starts with riffling and shuffling of the deck which is normal before performing a card trick. The performer has to quickly take a glimpse of the card that hits the top after the deck is shuffled. This is because the top card will act as a key card for the performer so as to track the card chosen by the spectator. It is advised to practice the trick a few times before performing in front of someone.


  • 1

    Hold the deck in your hands and start riffling it with the Ultra-gaff card and 9 of Clubs at the top. Tell the spectator to stop you wherever he likes as you riffle from top to bottom.

  • 2

    As you will stop riffling, make a cut at that point and ask the spectator to memorize the cut where the cut has been made.

  • 3

    Once the spectator has selected the card, you put it back inside the deck and mix it so that the spectator believes that it is completely lost in the deck. However, you keep the track of that card as you keep it over ultra-gaff card.

  • 4

    After mixing the card in the deck you flip over the top card and reveal it to the spectator as your first chance. Upon seeing it, he will say NO.

  • 5

    Now the ultra-gaff card comes into play. Asking the spectator if this was his card you rub your fingers over the ultra-gaff card which will make him feel that his selected card is emerging out of another one.

  • 6

    Just when the spectator will be busy in observing the ultra-gaff card, you flip the deck over and reveal the card that he had selected.

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