How to Do the Double Lifts Card Trick

The Double Lift Card Trick is one of the very basic type of card tricks that is in practice ever since the game of cards has started. The basic purpose of this trick is to make an illusion such that you pick two cards and the observer feels as perhaps only one single card has been picked. While playing this trick it is advised that you keep the audience engaged in talking so that they look on face and eyes and not your hand. This trick needs patience and practice before you go onto perform this in front of the audience and is not very difficult to perform once you have good hands on it.


  • 1

    Before you play the trick, keep the audience engaged in discussion and give the deck a few riffles so that the audiences feel that you have placed all the cards in the deck at random.

  • 2

    As you will be riffling the deck, select the top two cards from the top of the deck and hold them with your little finger with the audience busy in listening to your conversation.

  • 3

    Once you have selected the top two cards, hold the deck and the cards such that they are perfectly squared and the audiences do not feel that there is any kind of over lapping done.

  • 4

    While holding the deck, make sure that your fingers are positioned in such a way that the thumb is along one side of the deck with the index finger facing the audience. The second and ring finger should be curled over the deck.

  • 5

    Finally show the face of the top card to the audience and put it back on the deck. Again when you will show them the top card they will be amazed it will be different from the one they saw earlier.

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