How to Do the Telepathy Card Trick

The Telepathy Card trick is another interesting type of the Mental Tricks. Like many other card tricks, this also requires a performer and a spectator. The performer begins the trick after shuffling the cards and cutting the deck a few times. After this, the cards are spread on the table or given to the spectator who selects a card and memorizes it. The deck is then handed back to the performer who puts the selected card in the deck at random. Starting from the bottom, the performer starts counting and stops on a certain card. When revealed, it is the same card chosen by the spectator. Knowing a few basic things, you can play this trick on your own if you do not have any spectator.


  • 1

    Before starting the performance, glue the two jokers together such that they appear to be one single card using glue or a double-sided tape.

  • 2

    After you have made the double-sided card put it at the bottom of the deck and make sure that you keep it there while playing the trick.

  • 3

    Now ask the spectator to choose a card from the deck and while he is doing so you quickly turn the deck upside down. Since there is a double-sided card so the spectator will not be able to notice.

  • 4

    Once the spectator has chosen and viewed the card you it back inside the deck. Although the spectator has inserted the card with its face down but with double sided card on top it will be face up in the deck.

  • 5

    Finally you will bring the deck to the normal position with the double-sided card going down again. As you show the cards to the spectator the one he selected will be appearing upside down in the deck.

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