Tommy Hilfiger: Fashion King Of Urban Flair

Fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger was born on March 24 of 1951 in the small town of Elmira New York. Hilfiger’s label is most well known for its blue, white and red rectangular shaped logo and his jeans have crowned him as the king of “urban” fashion.

Tommy Hilfiger states that his main interest in designing clothing is making clothes for the every man and woman and the patriotic colored logo symbolizes classic American style with a sporty kind of twist.

Beginning his career in the fashion world in 1969, Tommy Hilfiger opened the People’s Place where he would sell funky jeans and bell bottoms to the local college age crowds. By the age of 26 Tommy Hilfiger owned then store all across New York State and eventually set about teaching himself to design the clothing he thought people really wished to purchase. Unfortunately Hilfiger’s businesses went bankrupt.

In the late 1970’s the hopefully overcome the problems his last business venture faced. Tommy Hilfiger moved into New York and was very successful in finding the financial backing he required to start the Tommy Hilfiger label.

1984 is the year in which the very first Tommy Hilfiger signature collection made its way down the catwalk. The popularity of the collection lead to the line expanding to offer women’s clothing, house wares and a line of fragrances. While the simplicity of his designs and the emphasis of his name as the clothing line brand were not considered smart moves his marketing skills rocketed him to the top of the fashion world.

Today the Tommy Hilfiger line pulls in close to two billion dollars every year in revenue even though many critic claim Hilfiger has been suffering from over exposure as of late. A reality show has recently been aired with contestants vying for a chance to design their own line of clothing under the Hilfiger label thus helping Tommy Hilfiger’s lasting popularity

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