How to Download Google talk for IPhone

The new version of Google Talk has made Instant messenger user’s life easy now they can chat with their buddies while on the go, instead of sitting in front of a computer screen.

People who have iPhone are among those auspicious Google Talk users who do not have to download the app and then use it, because the new version of Google Talk is designed in such a way that they just have to type the address in their iPhone’s browser and avail all possible services.

Whatever version of the iPhone you own, this new version of Google Talk app is supported by all handsets. After getting logged in to your account, you can view your friends who are online, search a contact, share links, pictures and videos.


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    Google now allows you to chat on Google Talk via iPhone without even downloading it. Simply open your iPhone Safari browser and launch in order to be able to use the messenger and chat to your friends in real time.

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    Alternatively, you can always download a personalized app for Google Talk, in case if the above method does not work, you should not have any issue. You can do this via the iPhone’s App Store and Google Talk will be available for a free download there.

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    Simply open iTunes and look for Vtok - Google talk, which is a free app. Once it is downloaded, transfer it to your iPhone and launch it. In case you are unable to search for it properly, try using the Search option in your iPhone which is available on the left side of your homescreen.

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