How to Download Microsoft Office for Free

Microsoft has indeed injected convenience into the life of millions of professionals and students by developing a suite that is a bundle of different, extremely useful applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

Like any other product, Microsoft Office can be used only after it has been purchased from a retail store or through a digital channel.

There is, however, a way for people to download the coveted suite off the Internet and use it for free. Of course, this is blatant piracy and therefore one needs to be aware of the laws regarding piracy in their country before downloading pirated programmes off the Internet.


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    Start off by ensuring that your computer has an active Internet connection. You will need to have an Internet with good speed, as the Microsoft Office suite setup is of considerable size and therefore can take a lot of time to download on a slower Internet connection. If you have automatic updates running in the background, suspend them for a while.

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    Open your web browser and visit the Google search engine homepage.

    In the search field, type “download utorrent” to bring up the search result for websites from where you can download the utorrent client.

    Typically, the first search result displayed by Google will take you to the official utorrent website.

    Click the link.

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    Locate the “Download” button on the utorrent website and then specify the location where you want the utorrent setup to be downloaded. For the sake of convenience, download the setup to desktop. Start the downloading process by clicking “Done.”

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    Once the utorrent setup has finished downloading, double-click it to start the installation process. The process will complete in less than five seconds.

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    Once you are done with the installation of utorrent, open Google search engine again and this time type search for “Microsoft Office torrent.” Go through the search results and look for the most appropriate torrent website., and are among the most popular torrent websites, with files that have the maximum number of seeders. Click on the website link of your choice.

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    Search for the Microsoft Office torrent with the maximum number of seeders and then click on it. Choose the location on the hard-disk where you want the torrent to be downloaded. Save the torrent to desktop for sake of convenience.

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    Open the torrent. This will automatically open the utorrent client. Select the location where you want the downloaded file to be saved on your hard-disk.

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    Patiently wait while the file is being downloaded. Once it is downloaded, just follow the instructions that the uploader has provided on the torrent website.

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