How to Scan a Document to a Memory Card

Smart phones have brought an entire new dimension to the usage of cell phones. Carrying a smartphone is just like a having a mini-computer in your pocket, as you can perform multiple tasks within minutes. Your cell phone can be really beneficial for you in a number of ways and can assist you in your office work as well. You can easily keep the documents in the memory card of your smartphone and access them whenever and wherever you desire. However, you need to scan the documents first and then transfer them to your phone’s memory card. It is quite easy process and anyone can easily perform it within minutes.


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    Take the document you need to save in your memory card and put it in the scanner. Scan the document and save it on your computer’s hard disk with an appropriate file name and destination.

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    Attach the memory card to your computer. Most laptops have a built in memory card slot or otherwise, you can use an USB memory card reader to connect it to your computer.

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    You should first try out saving the scanned image directly to the memory card at first. When you have to save the image file, click on ‘Save As’ button from ‘File’ options and navigate your way through the list of drives to reach the memory card. If you can’t locate the memory card drive from the list, follow the next steps to save the image.

  • 4

    Double-click on the ‘My Documents’ or open up the directory where you saved the image. The saved images go My Documents mostly if you don’t assign it any other destination. IF you can’t find the location of the image file on the hard drive, go to the start menu and use ‘Search’ feature for it. Type the name of the file in the box and hit the search button to find its destination on the hard drive.

  • 5

    Open up ‘My Computer’ window and double-click on the memory card drive present there. You should also keep open the window containing the image file side-by-side to memory card drive’s window.

  • 6

    Click and hold the mouse button over the image file and drag it to the memory card window. Release the mouse button and the image file will be copied to the memory card.

  • 7

    You can also right click on the image file and select ‘Copy’ option. Then right click in the memory card window and select ‘Paste’ option to copy the image to the memory card.

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