How to Download Windows 8 Beta FREE!

Are you excited about the release of Windows 8 operating system? Well half the world is! No wonder a beta version has already been released. Do not waste any time and get your hands on the Windows 8 Consumer Preview version and be one of the few people who have it yet. The Consumer Preview version will help you in getting familiar with this exclusive operating system. But the question is; how to download the Consumer Preview version?

Currently it is known as Windows 8 Beta. You can install this version on a spare PC and make yourself familiar with the astonishing features and function.

So if you are a Windows 8 fan and wish to see the innovative changes and modification then read the guide given below and see how you can download Windows 8 Beta (Consumer Preview).


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    For downloading Windows 8 Beta, you will have to visit Complete information is available on the provided site which will help you in installing the Consumer Preview version.

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    With the tools you will have to create ISO or thumb drive.

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    For the ISO image use the Disk Image burner or the USB tool. This can be done from

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