How to Dress for a Formal Business Event

How a person dresses up is an extension of his or her personality. A person’s clothes are a huge determining factor of what a person’s likes or dislikes are, if they are a happy, friendly person, or they would rather stay to themselves.

They say, in a job interview the first thing the interviewers notice is the applicant’s clothes; and in most cases, in those few moments where the applicant walks from the door to the interview panel, the decision has already been made based on the dressing and the confidence level.

Our step by step guide helps you dress up the perfect way for a formal business event.


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    Dress according to the event:

    Now, there are different dress codes for different events. You would not even think of wearing a t-shirt to a wedding or a jeans, and similarly you would never wear a suit to a casual get-together.

    So, the essence of the concern is: dress according to event.

    Interview: Men should preferably dress in immaculate and good fit suits in any shade of black, white, grey or blue. The tie should complement the suit and shirt color. Avoid shirts with figures or statements. Keep it simple and elegant.

    Women in an interview usually go for long or knee length skirts. You can also go for a formal business suit which gives a more professional touch. Women naturally have much more independence when it comes to choosing colors. However, most people go for subtle shades. Avoid anything flashy or very flowery. Try on the clothes a night before the interview and evaluate yourself in the mirror. Your dress should complement your personality. If going for a blouse, White, ivory, or light blue are the best colors in cotton or silk.

    This dress code remains pretty much the same in other corporate events like conferences and meetings. Wear collared shirts in all events. Avoid jeans because no matter what you wear over it, it gives the casual aura. However, these dress codes change by organization and the corporate culture.

    Business lunches and dinners:

    Men in corporate dinners usually go for tuxedo style dinner suit with black ties and bows.Women on the other side can wear gowns and tops in almost any conservative color.

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    Men mostly have very options when it comes to shoes. Dress shoes and leather shoes in mostly black, brown and grey are common wear. It is preferable if you get shoes which can be polished so that you can have a neat overall appearance every day. Your shoes should be in good condition with all the repair done on time.

    Women look great in low heels at work although it might get uncomfortable if your work nature includes standing for most of the time. Pumps are also highly recommended. In any shoes that you wear, it must be having closed toe and heel. Black, brown, dark blue, or maroon colors are most common.

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    At work it is best to keep the jewelry minimal. Avoid anything flashy as a general rule. Men can wear their wedding band. Women can wear a light chain, small ear studs and simple bracelets. It is advisable to carry a briefcase instead of a purse.

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    Hair and make up:

    Men should preferably keep short hair and keep them styled with gel to give a fresher look.

    Women can keep any hairstyle, as long as it stays in place without giving a messy look or covering the face excessively. Makeup should be done in a natural way which does not show much. Use foundation, concealer, blush on and eye liner and lipstick but drop out the eye shades and glitter etc.You can wear make up freely to a formal lunch and dinner event.

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    It is not just the dress after all!!

    The last thing which is important is a good posture, a smile and confidence. These three things will attract everyone towards you. Wear a dress that goes with your personality because it the person which is important and not just the dress. Keep a straight body posture which indicates your confidence. Greet with a soft smile. So hold your head high and enjoy.

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