How to Dress Modestly for a Mormon Church

When visiting the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or Mormon Church as it is known, it is important to observe all the rules on how to dress in the appropriate manner. Modesty is a virtue that is observed and encouraged in the Mormon Church. Thus, finding something to wear that is modest is essential. Although in today’s society, modest clothing is not something that is followed regularly, it is important to respect the rules of the Mormon Church when entering their place of worship. It is not difficult to find a good balance of modest clothing and individualism that is appropriate to wear for a Mormon Church.


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    Wear Clean Clothes:

    Both men and women should wear clean clothes that do not have any stains, marks or tears in them. This is a basic rule which almost all religions adhere to. It is a basic rule as most of us are in the habit of wearing fresh clean clothes every day.

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    Do Not Wear Flashy Clothes:

    It is important to remain modest when visiting the Mormon Church. Both men and women should avoid wearing extremely bright flashy clothes that draw everyone’s attention to you. Also it is a good idea to avoid clothing with big company or sports logos that can be considered flashy as well.

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    Keep your Hairstyle Simple:

    When visiting the Mormon Church both men and women should keep their hairstyles simple. The key is follow modesty and not draw unnecessary attention. Women that have long hair can easily wear their hair up.

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    Wear Loose Clothes:

    Both men and women should wear loose fitting clothes. This is especially the case with women as the concept of modesty is to keep your clothing simple. Wearing loose fitting clothes does not draw much attention.

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    Wear a Long Dress or Pants:

    Women should wear a long dress or skirt with the hemline not above the level of the knee. For men, wearing some clean dress pants is generally a good idea. Also, it is a good idea for both men and women to wear half or full length sleeves.

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    High Neckline:

    It is important to maintain a high neckline when visiting a Mormon Church. This is especially the case for women as you do not want to show too much and maintain some modesty. Men should also wear nice dress shirts that are buttoned up and not open to show their chests. You might want to avoid t-shirts as they might not be appropriate to wear in a Mormon Church.

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