How to Dress up like a Rockstar

For those who are inspired by rock artists or on their way to become one them self, this unique and attractive appearance holds a certain attraction. It is that cool look and the individuality that draws you towards itself. To look like a rock star you do not necessarily have to be one. It is all about choosing the right dress and accessories and donning them in the right way. You can be equally impressive with this look if you couple up the dressing with the right attitude and carry it all well. Have a look at our step by step by guide below. You might be just steps away from being the coolest person in town with the rock star look.


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    The internet is the messiah

    Go through pictures of your favorite rock stars or those who look appealing to you. Give their dressing a thorough evaluation and look for options you can adopt. The process might include buying new stuff for your wardrobe or modifying the existing content.

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    Start with the hairdo

    This transformation starts from the head. There are no specific hairstyles. Some stars carry short hair while others awe us with their long ones. Judge which one will suit you or get help from your hairdresser. Remember it should always give off a cool aura. Invest in good gels and hair sprays. You can also dye or color wash your hair if you believe it will enhance the look.

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    It is always jeans!

    Noticed something common about nearly all the rock stars you follow? It is the jeans! Rock stars give off the cool look in a casual way and so most of them opt for jeans. Get a pair of black or dark blue jeans. You can also modify them by putting scissor cuts on the knees like most stars. The jeans should fit your form well. Good for you, you can always get rock star like jeans from the market ready made with the right cuts and embellishments.

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    The shirt

    Rock stars mostly go for dark colors, preferably black. However, some rock stars also carry bright shirts very well. Shirts with cool statements and prints are readily available in the market. Shirts with statements can also act like your message to the world or as an indicator of your personality and feelings. A leather jacket completes the look, especially if it is cold.

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    Rock stars are pretty independent to wear anything when it comes to shoes, as long as it is not too feminine. You can wear high black boots, old army boots or skate shoes.

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    Accessorize is the word

    Get a pair of dark black glasses which instantly enhance your look. The shades should complement the shape of your face. Get a metallic belt. Pierce your ears or get magnetic earrings to get a perfect look. Studded bracelets and wrist cuffs complement the overall appearance.  Badges and patches do a great job. Female rock stars also wear long beads and bracelets. However, make sure that there is nothing frilly about you and your overall personality.

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    A tattoo is something which instantly adds the rock look to your personality. Although it is not an essential part of the dress up process, it is that extra step you take to stand out from the crowd. Get an intricate tattoo design on the neck, navel or arms. Tattoos can be both permanent and temporary.

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    Attitude counts

    Everything does not end at the dressing. You have to act like a rock star in the true essence. Try to inculcate a cool aura around you. Following other rock stars and their actions and behavior can help you get the right attitude.

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