How to Dress With Style and Vavoom After Forty

Mostly, it is believed that you lose attraction after crossing forty. It is completely wrong as you can look mature, attractive and elegant at the same time. However, you will have to give extra attention to your dressing style. This includes the pattern, fabric and fitting of your outfit. Here we will talk exclusively about women.

The most common mistake women make is to wear inappropriate dresses to look young. You must know that you can’t wear teenage or old age outfits. Though, it can be difficult to choose a perfect dress for this delicate age, but you can do it by following a few simple tips.


  • 1

    Age appropriate clothes:

    You must accept the fact that you are a 40-year-old woman and you cannot wear young adult brands. Do some research and you will find many designers who launch collection especially for mature women. Visit different stores and pick age appropriate clothes.

  • 2

    Keep the event in mind:

    You should keep in mind, the nature of event while choosing a dress. For instance, you can’t wear a revealing dress at school functions or other events with your children. Similarly, you should not wear “mom” clothes in some adult gathering. You can look more attractive if you are wearing a dress that is fit for the event.

  • 3

    Choose the dress that fits you:

    Fitting is another important thing you should consider while picking a dress. If you have perfect curves then there is no harm in wearing a dress which highlights them. However, make sure you are not looking like a teenager or street walker. It is better to get the right fit than a skin tight dress.

  • 4

    Pick right colours:

    You must consider your complexion while deciding the colour of your dress. If you have dark complexion then prefer colours  which alleviate your look and don't seem odd.

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    Wear clothes with elegant lines:

    You should avoid clothes that have complex pattern or print. A simple fabric will compliment your body more than a fabric with lot of details. However, make sure that it is not flat. Look for details that pronounce your figure.

  • 6


    Most of the ladies do not give importance to their shoes. You should not hesitate in spending extra money on quality shoes.

  • 7


    You must not ignore the accessories as they not only make you look attractive but also cover dressing imperfections.

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