How to Drive a Stick Shift

Automobiles are one of the most important inventions of all times as they help people to move over a fair amount of distance in very little time. They add a lot of comfort and ease to our travels. There are hundreds of millions of them on the road which are mainly divided into two types on the basis of their transmissions, automatic and stick shift.

Stick shift cars are somewhat harder to drive since gears need to be changed manually. It is preferred by some as it helps in acceleration and the driver feels like they are in control of the vehicle. It is not very tough to learn how to drive a stick shift and with some practice you should be able to handle it quickly.


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    Practice with the Clutch

    Automatic cars do not have clutches. It is a paddle that needs to be pressed when a gear is being shifted or when the car comes to a standstill while the engine is still running to keep it from turning off. While shifting, you have to let go of the accelerator before you press the clutch, change the gear and then let go of it before pressing the accelerator again. Have an expert stick shift driver help you in this regard.

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    Understand the Shifting

    Going through the gears on a stick shift car is not hard but does require understanding and practice. Make sure that you are able to shift the right gears without much trouble. Practicing on a car turned off initially is the best thing. As the time goes on, you can shift the gears without looking down and will be able to drive the car on the road.

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    Develop Coordination

    This does take time and you will need to work hard at it. It is not easy to have the physical and mental coordination between pressing the clutch and changing the gear. Just how driving a car comes to a person naturally after awhile, changing gears will get a lot easier for you. You will need to practice before you get into the rhythm.

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    Seek Professional Help

    Seek help of a professional such as a driving school instructor who has a vehicle with a stick shift. The instructor also has a clutch available to make it easy in the start for learners. Trying this will help you in not only getting used to a stick shift vehicle but will also add to your confidence.

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