How to Drive Safely while Drunk

Driving while intoxicated is never recommended in any situation, and is the worst possible thing that can be done by anyone, because you are not only putting yourself at risk, but endangering the lives of many others as well. Being tipsy and being completely blasted are two very different things, and mean the difference between not being able to drive at all and being able to control the wheel somewhat.

When drunk, it is important to get a ride from someone else, like a friend or a taxi  cab. However, in some very rare cases, when neither option is available and driving is your last chance at survival, you should consider going ahead and attempting to do so.


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    Determine your ability

    When you are drunk, it may seem like you have total control over everything and can drive safely - however, this is most certainly never the case. Asking others around you, if there are any, to determine how drunk they think you are, will help you determine whether you are able to drive or not. Get in the car and attempt to drive a little bit, to see where you stand. If you are able to drive the car properly, starting it and checking all mirrors, then there may be a slight chance that you are not as intoxicated as others might think.

    Remember, it is against the law to drive when alcohol levels are above prescribed state limits, so be sure to check these and remain below them - only then do you have a chance of safely being able to drive, and not being taken in for a DUI.

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    Drink coffee

    According to experts, if there is nothing that can be done about your intoxication, and driving is unavoidable and necessary, then drinking lots of coffee before and while driving is said to be one way of attempting to sober up as much as possible. Always keep in mind that drunk driving results in thousands of deaths around the world on a yearly basis, and avoiding it as much as possible is the only way to guarantee your safety and that of others as well.

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    Sleep in your car

    If you are unable to properly drive the car for a little distance, the best option would be to just chill out in the car instead of actually attempting to drive. You will definitely be much better by morning and should be able to head out by then instead of risking your life and that of  others just to get home.

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