How to Fix an Ignition Key

Early in the morning when everyone is in rush, the worst that you could face is your car parked in the garage refuses to respond to your orders. In other words, the common problem that can arise when you are running late for the office is the steering-lock mechanism. This suggests that the wheels of your car are jammed completely against the curb and the engine refuse to start despite multiple ignitions. It can be a problem of your car’s battery entering the last few days of its life but the most potential issue can be the one discussed earlier. It is usual to panic in such situations because the time is against you but frustration and anger can’t help you at that stage so the best you can do is to solve the issue rather curse your luck. It’s not a hard and fast scientific knowledge that you require to get rid of the problem, you can do that with a bit of common sense and the information revealed below.


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    You need to understand that the transmission of your car is in park state (for those cars that are constructed with automatic transmission mechanism).

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    Bring in action the parking brakes so that the car doesn’t slip down farther especially against the curt because it will just ruin the whole thing for you and drown you further into the problem.

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    Try this once. Move the steering wheel with a bit more power than you usually apply but not that much that it rips of the skin of your hands. Just find the middle grounds between gentle and rude and pull the wheels with that amount of power.

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    Leave the parking brake until it reaches its original location and then shift the transmission to the neutral state. Never put immense pressure on the pedal that the car actually jerks before starting but place a gentle touch so that the car starts to roll off smoothly or just rocks off a bit from the original position.

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    Move the steering wheel to provide some motion to the wheels and then turn the ignition on via key. The car should start without any problem now or else you are going to be late for sure because it’s just not the ignition issue with the car if this trick doesn’t help.

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