How to Dry and Store Edible Seeds

Seeds are future plants that are produced by plants themselves. They have a coating to protect the tiny embryonic plant inside them that will one day be a plant or even a tree.

Some of these are edible and have been found to be great for health. Many of these are being utilised by us in our everyday life. These, however, need to be preserved and stored carefully so that they remain healthy and usable.

If you want to dry and store edible seeds at home, it is not difficult at all and you can certainly do it.


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    Prepare Drying Tray

    The first thing that you need to do is to prepare a drying tray. This can be a tray that you use every day or even a lid of the shoebox. Make sure that it has a reasonably large surface area. Place a wax paper on top of it as it will be needed in order to dry the seeds.

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    Collect Seeds

    These can be collected from a ripe seedpod or seeds from a recently eaten fruit. In order to judge whether the seedpod is ripe or not, simply remove it from the plant and it should come off with a snap.

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    Dry Them

    For this purpose, you will need a warm and dry place. You may be tempted to put them in an oven but that will take away any of their ability to become plants and may even burn them if they are kept for too long. Traditionally the seeds have been dried by putting them in decent sunlight and placing a thin cloth over them. This technique can be used and does dry the seeds quite well.

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    Store Them

    Store them in a container where little or no air has access. This will help in the long run as the moisture in the environment will not be damaging the seeds. You can place them in a glass jar or one made of plastic as well. Make sure that the jar is sealed air tight for previously mentioned reasons.

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