How to Eat Boiled Crawfish

Crawfish, which is also known as crayfish or crawdads in some parts of the world, resemble small lobsters and are freshwater crustaceans. Crawfish is an extremely popular food in many countries and more so in coastal areas. There are various different methods of eating crawfish; however, the most popular way is to first boil crawfish in a large pot with corn, garlic, potatoes and a lot of seasoning. Once it is properly boiled, you can just peel, pull, eat and them one by one.

Things Required:

– Paper towels
– A cold beverage
– A table
– Newspaper


  • 1

    Cover a table with newspaper

    The first step towards eating crawfish is to cover a table with newspaper and place the crawfish on it once it has been properly boiled. If you are not comfortable with a newspaper, you may put the crawfish in a tray.

  • 2

    Pull the fish apart from the head

    The next step is to twist the tail of a crawfish after grabbing it and pulling it apart from the head. You can now place the head aside. 

  • 3

    Separate the tail from the body

    Now you are required to separate the tail of the crawfish from its body. This can be done by peeling off some of the top shell segments. It is recommended that you peel off the shell segments that are farthest from the end of the tail.

  • 4

    Pull the meat from the tail and eat

    You can now carefully pull the meat from the tail with your teeth and eat while you are pinching the end of the tail with your fingers. The end of the tail is just like a fan and the shells can be discarded. Use a paper towel to wipe your mouth and fingers. 

  • 5

    Suck the juice and the golden fat

    You can suck out the juices and the golden fat by grabbing the head of the crawfish. Keep in mind that the head might be spicy in terms of flavor. The juice can be washed down with a cold beverage of your choice. 

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