How to Eat Cheap Food at Yats in Indianapolis

Whenever Indianapolis residents are asked to select a restaurant that provides low priced yet delicious food, their choice is simple, Yats.

It is basically a local restaurant chain that provides high quality food to its customers at surprisingly  low prices. That is the reason why Yats always remains crowded with people who come to enjoy cheap and heaping plates of Cajun and Creole specialties, such as red beans, rice, and etouffee.

So, if you are on vacation to Indianapolis and want to enjoy the best cheap meal, then you should not miss visiting Yats


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    Visit any of the three Yats restaurants in Indianapolis. Yats recently launched its third branch at the northern side of the city, at 8352 E. 96th Street. The downtown district branch is located at 659 Mass. Avenue, in the Mass. Avenue, Arts District.

    If you want to visit the main, or you can say, the original Yats branch, then you will have to go to 5463 N. College Avenue, located in the trendy Broad Ripple neighbourhood. You can choose the one that is nearest to you.

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    The menu at Yats changes on daily basis. So, expect a new menu every time you visit a particular branch of the restaurant. If you are a picky eater, then you should call the restaurant ahead of your visit, in order to confirm the items present on the menu. Here, you should also make sure that you make the call to the branch where you are planning to visit on a particular time, as the menu also varies from one branch to another.

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    If you are not a picky eater, then you can look at the menu, which is displayed in the form of a huge chalkboard at the entrance of the restaurant. You will find the menu divided into two parts. One side of the menu will include regular dishes and the other one will have dishes for vegetarians.

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    If you choose to purchase one entree, then you will have to pay $5.50, or you can also go for a split of two different dishes by paying $6.00. If you are unable to decide which entree to choose, then you can ask for a sample of the entree you are considering. The waiter will bring a small amount of the entree as a sample, and you can taste it before you can order it.

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