How to Follow Table manners and Dining Etiquette

Table manners are extremely important in public gatherings. There is a reason why your parents try to teach you how to eat decently when you are young. Other people judge you by the way you sit, stand, talk and even eat. You should always remain intact with your table manners so that others do not take you as a person who does not even know how to eat.


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    Following are the ways through which you can show the world that you are not only a person with table manners, but also someone who is extremely neat and clean and believes in eating food with decency.

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    Make sure that you know how to hold a fork and a knife in your hand. In case you are eating rice, then you should have a spoon and a fork in your hands. Mostly it is said that you must hold the spoon in your left hand and the fork in your right hand. This is not a rule that you should make in your life. If you are a left-handed person then you can always hold the fork in your left hand and the spoon in your right. In case you are eating meat and want to cut things, then the rule states that you must hold the knife in your right hand while the fork should be in your left hand. But then again, this can change in case you are a left-handed person.

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    Always chew with your mouth closed. You don’t want others to see what you are eating and how you are chewing it. Just close your mouth and keep chewing. Doctors say that chewing your food at least 21 times is healthy.

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    Do not talk with your mouth full. This is a rule which was taught to everyone by their great grandparents. You do not want to throw the food in your mouth at the people you are talking to. If you talk, you will most definitely spit things out and they will fall over other people’s face, which is extremely untidy.

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    You should know when to drink and when not to drink. It is advisable that you drink while the food is not in your mouth. If you have accidentally choked on something then drinking something is feasible but otherwise always try to drink once you have swallowed the food. This way whatever you are drinking will not fall from your mouth.

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