How to Eat Pie with no Hands

Eating pie with no hands may seem like something a normal human being may not want to attempt, but you may have your reasons of wanting to know how it can be done. Whether you are participating in a pie eating contest that does not allow you to use your hands or just want to try it with your friends for the fun, it does not have to be that hard. Try some of these tricks to eat pie with no hands.


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    Mental Preparation

    Eating with your hands is just a normal human function, which is why your brain may not be able to accept that fact and keep you from diving into that delicious pie right away. It is a good idea and in pie eating contests, compulsory that you prepare mentally for the task ahead in order to go at it effectively without being one of those people that get disqualified for suddenly using their hands halfway through and have all that hard work go to waste.

    Keep your hands in sync with your mind and remember that you cannot use them.

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    Decide Where to Start First

    Depending on the size of the pie and how it is made, you should go through it quickly and decide where you should be starting first. Some people go into the middle first and finish last because they were not smart in their start. Assess where you stand and usually going with the sides could have you in for an easier ride in the long run when it comes to finishing the pie.

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    Dive In

    Now is the time to go in and start eating away. Make sure to chew all the pieces as fast as you can but make sure that you do it properly to avoid any sort of choking that could be dangerous and life threatening. Try and have some friends participate with you or at least watch the first time so that there is someone to call for help in case of emergencies. Make sure get only nose deep into the pie and not to breathe anything in for obvious reasons. Keep your eyes clear from the pie and after grabbing a good chunk with your mouth, bring your face out and begin chewing away.

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